Heavenly Sinful’s Spring Fling

spring fling

Spring is finally in the air and everyone is ready to get out on the town! Starbaby Enterprises is kicking off the season with our Heavenly Sinful Spring Fling this Thursday, April 24, 2014 at Toshi's Living Room & Penthouse at The Flatiron Hotel. Guests will have the chance to experience the hottest new dating app Heavenly Sinful as they … [Read more...]

ABC NYC Limo proud to announce The Starbaby LQUID Event

ABC NYC LIMO PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THE STARBABY LQUID Event  produced by Starbaby Enterprises (www.starbabyenterprises.com), who broke into the fashion world with their Janique Fashion Week last September 2013 February 27, 2014 - New York, NY Celebrate Fashion as Snow turns to LQUID Did the winter weather freeze your inner fashionista during this … [Read more...]


" Hi RusseLL,   Hope you are staying warm after all this snow!! I don't know about you but this winter weather made fashion week insane this year. So for all of us who didn't have the opportunity to go out and enjoy everything New York Fashion Week had to offer - I am launching Fashion's Night Out with LQUID on March 15, 2014. I'd love for you … [Read more...]


We have had the great pleasure of working with ABC for about a year and a half now. I stumbled upon them accidentally online, and gave them a try, ordering an SUV for my employer, Roberta Flack. Well, you guys blew us away. You are always on time, perpetually reliable and perhaps most importantly, for our particular needs, immensely respectful and … [Read more...]

Limo Services in NYC and ABC NYC LIMO

We have used several limo services in NYC and ABC is the best of them all. The driver was prompt and courteous. The limo was immaculate, not dirty and dated like some other services. Russell was so very quick to answer the phone and respond to all our questions. He emailed our confirmation immediately. ABC will be highly recommended by us. We will … [Read more...]

ABC NYC LIMO & TRU Staffing Partners, Inc.

I work remotely in Los Angeles, and when my boss asked me to plan an event in New York for some of his VIP clients, I felt totally lost. Then I found Russell Figaredo from ABC NYC LIMO/ Concierge and my anxiety level went from about a ten to a zero in one phone conversation with him. Not only does he know his business and his city inside and out, … [Read more...]


http://www.scoutingny.com/the-godfather-the-new-york-city-filming-locations-then-and-now/3/ Hi my name is Russell Figaredo and I am the president of ABC NYC LIMO/CONCIERGE. The barber shop scene in THE GODFATHER where Willie Cicci gets a shave and where the mob Leader in the white Dinner Jacket gets trapped, as well as where Clemenza shotgunned 2 … [Read more...]


Russell Figaredo of ABC NYC LIMO/ CONCIEGRE is the best in the business. He’s completely reliable, trustworthy, ethical and will absolutely positively get the job done. If you need a great concierge, Russell is your man. Katharine C. Giovanni, CCS … [Read more...]


Russell, I can’t believe the service your company provided last night. You coordinated a hummer for 22 people. You met me personally. Had all the liquor I asked for. You showed up in a suit, which really impressed me. The driver was great! I had a party for my partner’s birthday. He was blown away! Feel free to edit and post on your … [Read more...]


Dear RUSSELL, I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share. Details of the Recommendation: “I have had the pleasure to work with Russell Figaredo, President/Owner at ABC NYC Limousine and Concierge on many occasions. Whoever said New Yorkers are pushy haven’t met Russell. He is patient, on top of his game, and a yes man – if you need … [Read more...]

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